Vision, Mission, Strategy

Our Vision (Where We Want To Be):

MVHRA will be recognized as the region's leading resource to advance the value of the HR profession as a strategic business partner.

Our Mission (Why We Exist):

MVHRA provides resources and professional development in HR best practices to our members and regional business.

2018-2019 MVHRA Strategic Plan
Per strategic planning meeting on 8/4/17

Objective #1 – Marketing: Develop a Marketing Plan to Successfully Promote and Grow the Association
  • Website (keep if fresh & up to date)
  • Social Media (increase activity)
  • Merchandise (sell & promote MVHRA items)
  • Diversity
  • Collaborate with Board/Committees/Membership
  • Metrics

Responsible person: Marketing Chair
Team members: Membership, Membership Engagement, Marketing Committee, Technology Chair and one – two other project members

Objective #2 – Membership: Improve Resources

  • At-large non-members
  • Demographics on current membership
  • Fee structure
  • What’s in it for members (value proposition)
  • Social Events
  • Collaborate with outside HR organizations
  • Improve retention
  • Offer exclusive benefits to members only
  • Outreach to new members
  • Metrics

Responsible person: Membership Chair
Team members: Marketing Committee, Technology Chair, Membership Chair, Networking /Community Relations Chair, Membership Engagement Committee

Objective #3 – Programming: Establish and Execute a Timely and Consistent Process Providing Programming that Meets Member Needs

  • Technology for training
  • 100 year celebration
  • Establish a committee
  • Quality speakers
  • Metrics

Responsible person: Vice President (Programming)
Team members: Various chairs, 100 Year Celebration Committee, and other members interested in assisting with programming

Objective #4 – Engagement: Define Participation and Engagement

  • Develop the next generation
  • Mentoring program
  • Community service (support committee initiatives)
  • Offer exclusive benefits to members only
  • Metrics

Responsible person: Membership Engagement
Team members: Membership team and members form other committees

Click HERE for the MVHRA bylaws. Bylaws were updated 11/2015; voted and approved in 8/2016.

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