Committees and Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in learning more about and/or volunteering on the following MVHRA Committees?  Please click on the Committee name to contact the Committee Chairperson.

Certification: Promotes professional certification through both the SHRM and HRCI certification processes by offering scholarships for certification preparation courses, informing membership of certification benefits, and by recognizing members obtaining certification and recertification.

College Relations: Works with local SHRM school chapters to maximize the relationship between students and MVHRA. College outreach efforts include MVHRA discounts and financial support, internships, mentoring, speakers, tours and other events and activities.

Diversity and Inclusion: Provide programs and resources that promote diversity as a strategic component of MVHRA overall mission which is critical to our individual and organizational success as Human Resources professionals.

Governmental Affairs: Assist with communicating/educating members on current government action and legal topics; coordinates Roundtables; and helps maximize members’ participation in the legislative arena.

Job Opportunities: Assist with facilitating the publication of Human Resources job opportunities and resumes to chapter members as well as non-members.

Marketing: Support the efforts of all committees by raising awareness, both internally and externally, of MVHRA, its benefits and resources, through leveraging all member- and community-facing activities.

MVHRA/SHRM Foundation: Promote the SHRM Foundation programs and activities to the MVHRA members and raise funds to support the MVHRA’s commitment to the SHRM Foundation.

Networking/Community Relations: Liaison between MVHRA and vendors for advertisements on our website or newsletter. Committed to raising awareness and enhancing community knowledge for MVHRA members. To promote MVHRA benefits and presence in our community and potential members/vendors while enhancing networking and human resource activities within our community.

SHAPE: This committee assists the Board of Directors and committee chairs in developing and recording the goals and objectives that MVHRA wants to achieve each year. The SHAPE committee is responsible for working with each of the chairs to record their annual initiatives and document their success via the SHRM website. By participating in SHAPE it allows the affiliate chapters to operate in a professional manner, effectively manage its finances, maintain affiliation standards, and promote SHRM. The report is submitted to SHRM each year by January 31st. The Excel Awards recognize achievement by SHRM affiliate chapters at four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Technology: Technology - Ensures the MVHRA website is meeting the needs of our membership, helping us grow as an organization and providing substantive information which allows the membership to get the most out of their MVHRA membership.

Workforce Readiness: We have two key initiatives – preparing local students (K-12) to enter the workforce through Junior Achievement and coordination with military employer/employee outreach. We are looking for people who are passionate about educating our youth and supporting our military.

Leigh Oldham


Beth Mitrousis

College Relations