Board Volunteer Position Detail

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair

Current Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair

Carlina Figueroa , SPHR
Carlina Figueroa SPHR
  • Assistant Director
  • 444 W. Third St
    Dayton , OH 45402

Position Summary:

Develop, maintain and evaluate the Chapter's Diversity and Inclusion awareness and education efforts. The program shall include means to attract and retain representation of minorities, various Human Resource disciplines and all business sectors.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Identify areas where the Chapter can improve the diversity of membership.
  • Develop and / or distribute information and materials to Chapter members to promote diversity awareness and education in the workplace.
  • Establish a diversity committee to define Chapter diversity plan.
  • Work with Membership Director to target recruitment efforts in critical areas.
  • Attend and participate in monthly general luncheon and Board Meetings.
  • Other assignments as requested by the President and/or the Board of this chapter.
  • Represent the Chapter in the Human Resource community.
  • Conducted one Diversity in the Workplace seminar or program.

Position Requirements:

  • Must be a SHRM/MVHRA member in good standing and be appointed by the Chapter President.
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