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May 2013 MVHRA Connections


Newsletter - May 2013

Presidential Ponderings Volume 2, Edition 5

May 2013

Recognition from SHRM-It’s PLATINUM!

Erin Henry, MSA, PHR
Servant Leader MVHRA 2012-2013

I am pleased to share the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM, our national organization) has announced that our Chapter has received a distinguished award offered for “…outstanding achievements in chapter operations and a commitment to providing meaningful programs and services to your members.”

This Platinum Excel 2012 Award is the highest award SHRM offers and while MVHRA has been a consistent Gold Award winner, this is the first time we have received “Platinum”. SHRM says, “By achieving this award, your chapter distinguishes itself as an outstanding organization dedicated to serving the needs of your members and to the advancement of the human resource management profession.”

While pondering this notable achievement, I realize it would not have been possible without the hard working volunteer leaders from our 2012 Board! Therefore, I would like to thank each of MVHRA’s board members for their continued time, energy, and dedication to serving and advancing the HR profession in our community! Hats off! Here’s to keeping up the great momentum!

Next Chapter Events - May 9, 2013

Professional DevelopmentWorkshop:

The Affordable Care Act: What Your Company Should Be Doing as 2014 Approaches.
Speakers: Jeffrey Mullins, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP; Jon Greene, Horan Associates; and Shelly Hodges-Konys, Horan Associates

Event Registration: Click HERE for more information and to register online for this event.


“The Meaningful Purpose Leader"
Presented by - Luis Marrero 

Event Registration: Click HERE for more information and to register online for this event.

Mark Your Calendars for May HR Events

There are several upcoming events that are either hosted by MVHRA or we have partnered with local resources to host. Please mark your calendars for these exciting events:

Be sure to check the MVHRA website at to learn more about upcoming events and to register online.


    • Veterans Employment & Training Seminars - Free/2 day seminar
      May 15, 2013
    • MVHRA - Dayton Dragons Event - Limited Tickets/First Come-First Serve
      May 16, 2013
    • HR Xchange Meeting - May 21, 2013
    • MVHRA Social Event - May 23, 2013

MVHRA Volunteer Opportunity!

Calling all MVHRA members! We have an immediate opening for our Assistant - Chair position of the MVHRA/SHRM Foundation Committee. Brief description is below. If you are interested in learning more please contact: Jefferson Alcott or Stan Adams

Position Summary: Educate, promote, and represent the interests of the MVHRA/SHRM Foundation and its activities to the MVHRA Chapter.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Educate the Chapter membership regarding the existence, purpose, and ongoing activities of the MVHRA/SHRM Foundation.
• Encourage the Chapter membership to contribute financially to the MVHRA/SHRM Foundation as a show of support for the human resource profession.
• Encourage the Chapter membership to support an annual contribution to the MVHRA/SHRM Foundation by the Chapter.
• Advise and update the Chapter membership of the Foundation's activities and fund-raising needs.
• Participate in the development and implementation of short-term and long-term strategy planning for the chapter.
• Represent the chapter in the Human Resources community.
• Attend monthly membership and Board of Directors meetings.

All of our board & committee members serve on a volunteer basis - without them there would be no MVHRA! Becoming an active committee/board member of MVHRA is extremely rewarding, provides you with a WEALTH of knowledge, a stronger network within the HR community, a chance to give back to our community and lifelong friendships!

Diversity Committee

Non-disabled Privilege

This article introduces a concept called "non-disabled privilege" which means "the world accommodates and validates your way of moving and communicating" and that "you’re free to go anywhere without worrying about accessibility."

People without an apparent disability have something of which they are probably not even aware: "non-disabled privilege", a speaker told attendees at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2012 Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition in Chicago.

Aversive Disablism is a "subtle, unintentional bias that people fail to recognize in themselves," noted Kevin Johnson, director of the Office for Diversity & Inclusion at Berklee College of Music. Aversive disablism "usually doesn’t involve open hostility or hate," he explained, but he claims that it is based on negative feelings such as discomfort, pity, sympathy and fear—feelings that can lead to avoidance of people with disabilities and physical differences.

We need to recognize that people with disabilities and physical differences don’t have something wrong with them.

Among several recommendations, the speakers suggest that attendees focus on "people-first language," such as referring to someone as "a person who uses a wheelchair."
They explained what non-disabled privilege means.

• People don’t stare at you.
• People don’t assume you’re unable to do things.
• Strangers don’t routinely violate your personal space.
• People don’t tell you regularly that you are inspiring or admirable.

Josh Crary expressed, "If you don’t have a prior relationship with someone, for example, then it’s inappropriate to ask personal questions, such as "What happened to you?"

Johnson encouraged employers to follow and share 10 general etiquette rules concerning people with disabilities. The list was developed by Rhoda Olkin in 1999 and includes tips such as:

• Don’t stare.
• Don’t talk about all the people with disabilities you know.
• Don’t assume the person needs help, and don’t begin helping without asking.
• Be clear about to whom you are speaking (for example, don’t look at an interpreter when speaking to a person who is deaf).
• Don’t be afraid to say you don’t understand someone’s words or their meaning.
• Don’t worry about using words that seem counter to the disability (for example, “do you see what I mean?” to a person who is blind).
• Don’t touch someone’s assistive device without permission.

Awareness of ‘Privilege’ Can Improve Inclusion, 11/15/2012, by Rebecca R. Hastings, SPHR, is an online editor/manager for SHRM.

Certification Committee

Whew!  Now What???!!!!

Joyce Conrad, Certification Chair

Congratulations…you are a certified professional in Human Resources! Now what? How do you get re-certified? I know the deadline for re-certification is three years off but 60 hours is a lot, isn’t it?

Your recertification as an HR professional can be a daunting task if you don’t plan. Following are quick tips to keep you on the road to re-certification.

• Plan Your Route - As with any journey, there are several routes you can take and still end up at your final destination. Available routes to earn certification credit include: HRCI-Approved conferences, workshops, seminars, lunch and learns, and more. And, one of the best ways to earn up to 12-14 credit hours is the National SHRM and the Ohio State SHRM Annual Conferences. Each conference is jammed-packed with sessions from top thought-leaders in every aspect of the Human Resources. And, of course, earning the remaining hours is a snap if you attend the MVHRA HRCI-Approved Workshops and Luncheons! Always maximize your time by attending the HRCI-Approved events as possible.

• See the Attractions: MVHRA provides you many opportunities to earn re-certification hours…participating in seminars/workshops is only one. Get involved…Join a Committee-You’ll Earn a Re-certification Credit! That’s definitely an attraction!

•Plan Your Stops Along the Way: Break up your journey so you won’t be rushed for time as you near your re-certification period. Year 1: (20 hours) + Year 2: (20 hours) + Year 3: (20 hours) = 60 Recertification Hours! Stops along the way help you gauge your progress towards your final destination. 

HR Pros, the road to success is paved with many wonderful learning experiences…Enjoy the Journey!

Learn more by clicking HERE

College Relations

Scholarship Opportunity

Are you an HR professional that would like to obtain a Master’s degree? The SHRM Foundation offers an annual scholarship, The Susan R. Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate Study in HR, to help you. The fellowship is designed to support master’s degree students who are either members of SHRM or certified HR professionals through the HR Certification Institute. Sponsored jointly by SHRM, the SHRM Foundation and the HR Certification Institute, the fellowship supports those who want to leverage significant past contributions to the HR management field and who plan to continue contributing to the profession by earning a master’s degree in HR.

One winner is selected annually to receive a fellowship of up to $10,000. Additional fellowships may be awarded, depending on funding available, quantity and quality of applicants, and the discretion of SHRM. Each fellowship is renewable for one additional year for a total of two years of graduate study and up to $20,000 total for the fellowship. The attached flyer has the information needed to explore this opportunity. You can also go to for details on eligibility and submission. Click HERE for flyer.

Membership Report

Please welcome these new members to MVHRA.



Denise Percival

Greenwood Manor/Today Center for Adults

Sara Zinger


Dawn Martin

The Berry Company

Nancy Brookshire

Montgomery County Common Pleas Court

Bob Stergos

Performance Plus

Tracey Hotopp

NewPage Corporation

Rob Geist


Andrea Burris


Loraine Wyatt


Angie Layman

Shiver Security Systems

Total MVHRA membership: 249
Professional: 212
Vendor: 19
Student: 18

FREE registration to the 2013 Ohio Human Resource Conference

Click HERE for more information.

Employment Corner!!

Check out this exciting Human Resources job opportunity:

  • Internship/Co-Op – Employee Management Services (EMS)
  • Human Resource Manager - Cox Media Group

To see full job descriptions and/or apply for this employment opportunity, please visit the MVHRA website and click Job Opportunities

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