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September 2013 MVHRA Connections


Newsletter - September 2013

Presidential Ponderings Volume 2, Edition 9

September 2013

Conference month!

Erin Henry, MSA, PHR
Servant Leader MVHRA 2012-2013


Ok, yes, it’s true, I’m super excited to “Make Connections that Count” at this year’s Ohio SHRM HR Conference in Sandusky, OH. While I haven’t packed (yet), I have downloaded the Ohio HR Conference 2013 app to my android!

What I am pondering is this: “Who else is going?” I would love to hear from you! I am compiling a list of those that are planning on attending from our Chapter in the event anyone has an interest in car-pooling, sharing a room, or just wanting to “Make Connections that Count”. As a matter of fact, several of us are planning on meeting at the Ivory Coast Lounge on Wednesday night from 6-7 just to connect. We’d love it if you joined us! Feel free to bring others who may not be a member of the Chapter as we welcome an opportunity to ‘talk shop’ with other HR professionals in our community.

So after ‘pondering’ your itinerary for the conference, take action and send me your contact information (email, cell phone number, etc.) so that we can connect at the conference! (You can click here to send me an email) If you have a special request (interested in car-pooling or something) be sure to let me know!

Here’s to Making Connections that Count!

For more information about the conference visit:

Learn more by clicking HERE


Upcoming Chapter Events

2013 Ohio HR Conference HR - Making Connections That Count

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 through Friday, September 20, 2013 from 10:30 AM to 03:00 PM

HR - Making Connections That Count! Join over 800 HR Professionals at the beautiful Kalahari Resort for the 41st Annual Ohio Human Resource Conference from September 18-20, 2013 for an exciting, educational and fun conference!" For more information and to register visit the Ohio HR Conference website. Click Here For More Information

Veterans Employment & Training Seminars - Free/2 day seminar

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 through Thursday, September 19, 2013 from 09:00 AM to 03:30 PM

All Seminars Are Held 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
2013 Dates: Sept. 18-19; and Oct. 30-31
1 Elizabeth Place (East side)
627 Edwin C Moses Blvd., 6th Floor Auditorium
Dayton, Ohio 45408

For more information or to register - click HERE.

MVHRA Social Event - Sep 19, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013 from 05:30 PM to 08:00 PM


Who: Human Resource practitioners, those simply interested in the HR function, MVHRA or other area SHRM chapter members, and non-members—all are welcome!

Where: The Wine Loft at The Greene (Ample free parking is available behind The Wine Loft in The Greene public parking lot)

For more information or to register - click HERE.

October 2013 Professional Workshop

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 from 07:45 AM to 11:15 AM

Conflict Resolution.
Speakers: Steve Browne, State Director, Ohio SHRM

7:45 AM - 8:00 AM: Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:00 AM - 11:15 AM: Proffessional Development Workshop

This program is under review for recertification credits. For more information or to register - clickHERE.

2013 Chapter Luncheon -Oct 8, 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 from 11:15 AM to 01:00 PM

Change Management
Deb Graham, ACT Strategic

11:15 AM - 11:30 AM: Registration & Networking
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM: Announcements & Lunch
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Speaker

  • This program has been pre-approved by by HR Certification Institute for General Credit . For more information or to register - click HERE.

    And the Winner is....

    And the Winner is....Rod Shelton!
    Recently, MVHRA sent out a Membership Survey and those that self-identified were entered into a drawing to attend a Professional Development Workshop for Free! Rod is an HR Labor/Employee Relations Specialist with the Department of Homeland Security. Congratulations Rod!

    Ohio SHRM Conference ($399 value) winner’s are….

    Ohio SHRM Conference ($399 value) winner’s are….Jon Greene and Leigh Oldham! MVHRA’s board offered 2 conference registrations to members. Jon Greene is in transition and Leigh Oldham is the Human Resources Director at Wright State Physicians. Congratulations to both Jon and Leigh!

    From the Workforce Readiness Committee

    Submitted by: Robin Brun, Chair

    Did you know that for the past 2 years MVHRA has participated in assisting Veterans with job search skills including writing an effective resume (de-militarizing the resume) and providing them with effective job interviewing skills? We do this through a variety of community volunteers including assistance from our MVHRA members. The next two (2) day free workshop is scheduled for September 18th & 19th and we would welcome your help! Ideally, if your company has positions and you would be willing to assist offering feedback to veterans on September 19th during mock interviews from 1:00-3pm-that would be awesome!

    An exciting new part to our initiative is we have formed a new alliance to assist companies with creating a strategy for hiring veterans. If you or your organization is interested in assisting us with any part of this program, please contact Robin Brun at 937-229-5358.

    Here’s to serving those that have served our country! 

    Employment Corner

    Check out these exciting Human Resources job opportunities:

    · Manager of Compensation and Payroll –CareSource
    · HR Manager –LORD Corporation
    · HRIS Administrator –Wright-Patt Credit Union
    · Compensation Specialist, Human Resources & Talent Development –The University of Toledo
    · HR Generalist –Provimi North America, Inc., a Cargill company
    · Senior Human Resources Generalist –Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

    SHRM Foundation News:

    Generating Research-Based Knowledge

    The SHRM Foundation is the leading funder of HR research grants--providing funding for high-impact, original HR research that advances the knowledge base of the profession. In the past 12 years, the SHRM Foundation has funded more than $2.8 million in research grants for over 105 research projects. Topics for research include:

    · Making virtual teams more effective.
    · Increasing the success rate of new executives.
    · Employee engagement in multinational corporations.
    · Retention of an older workforce.
    · Impact of HR practices on organizational social performance.

    Much of your every day work is influenced by research, even if you have never read a research paper. The cumulative effect of multiple research studies is to discover and document what practices work best and under what conditions. In this way, research ultimately influences the practice of human resource management.
    To learn more and to review the results of recently completed SHRM Foundation research, visit the foundation website (

    Membership Report

    Please welcome these new members to MVHRA!









    HR Generalist

    Provimi North America



    Career Specialist and Account Manager

    MONCO Enterprises



    Director of HR

    Vandalia Rental



    HRIS Analyst

    University of Dayton



    Operations Manager

    Childrens Emergency Services


    Total active MVHRA membership is 277.
    234 Professionals
    21 Vendors
    22 Students


    Contractual Statute of Limitations Waivers: Reducing Discrimination Liability Before It Occurs

    Jeffrey A. Mullins
    Ryan T. Smith

    Employers are accustomed to obtaining waivers of their former employees’ existing discrimination claims—typically, in a severance agreement. These waivers are usually effective, but they can also be costly. Many employers are not aware, however, that they can also limit their employees’ claims even before they arise, and at a much lower cost. This can be accomplished by obtaining a contractual reduction in the time limits for bringing employment-related actions.

    All employment-based discrimination claims are subject to a “statute of limitations.” A statute of limitations is a law that places a time limit on pursuing a legal remedy in relation to wrongful conduct. After that period expires, the injured person loses the right to file a lawsuit seeking money damages or other relief.

    Unfortunately, Ohio’s employment-discrimination laws provide a relatively long statute of limitations compared to other states. Under Ohio law, an employee has 6 years to file all types of discrimination claims except age claims, for which they have 180 days to file. Under federal law, an employee has 300 days to file an agency charge, and an additional 90 days to file a lawsuit after final disposition by the agency.

    Fortunately, however, these lengthy limitations periods are not necessarily set in stone. And it is possible to shorten them by agreement between the employee (or applicant) and the employer. Courts often uphold these clauses, even when they provide for a shorter limitations period than the statute of limitations would otherwise apply.

    In the leading case from the United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Court upheld an agreement in an employment application that limited the employee’s time limits to six months. Specifically, the provision read: “I agree that any claim or lawsuit relating to my service with the Company or any of its subsidiaries must be filed no more than six (6) months after the date of the employment action that is the subject of the claim or lawsuit. I waive any statute of limitations to the contrary.” The clause was preceded by the statement, "READ CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING," in bold and capitalized letters. The application also contained a clause stating: "This application will be considered active for twelve (12) months from the date filed. If you are hired, it becomes part of your official employment record." Plaintiff, who was later hired by the Company, subsequently filed suit for sexual harassment more than six months after the incident occurred. The Court dismissed the claim based on the waiver in the employment application.

    The benefits to the employer of obtaining these waivers are obvious, and potentially significant. But they must be implemented carefully and properly. Here are a few things to you need to know about them:

    Waivers should be obvious and conspicuous. Ideally, they should be set off by headings in all caps and bold type, letting the employees know what they are about to read was important and should be closely before signing.

    Employees should be given time to consider the waiver before signing it, and they should not be pressured or required to sign the waiver on the spot.

    Waivers should be understandable to those signing them. They should be written plainly and concisely.

    Certain claims, including wage and hour violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act, are not waivable.

    Certification Committee:

    Submitted by Brandon Bernzott

    Using the HRCI Bodies of Knowledge to Boost Your Resume

    As you navigate your career, your resume will most likely serve as one of the primary “marketing tools” you’ll use when pursuing internal and external opportunities. Our career consultants advise the individuals we work with to routinely update their resume, even when they are not considering a career change, to ensure that they capture their accomplishments and ongoing responsibilities as they evolve. If you haven’t dusted your resume off in the past few months… or years, I encourage you to take time over the next month to do so, and as the title of this article suggests, I recommend that you consider using the HRCI Bodies of Knowledge to help you with that effort.


    For those who may not be familiar with the HRCI Bodies of Knowledge, they are the comprehensive lists of responsibilities and knowledge that are tested in the HRCI exams. There are separate and distinct Bodies of Knowledge that support each of the different certifications – PHR, SPHR, GPHR, HRBP and HRMP – and each Body of Knowledge covers a specific set of functional areas in Human Resources, such as Workforce Planning & Employment (PHR/SPHR), Global Talent Acquisition & Mobility (GPHR), Training & Development (HRBP) and HR Service Delivery (HRMP) to name just a few. All of the Bodies of Knowledge can be found in the Resources section of the HRCI website ( 


    Whether you have achieved an HRCI certification or not, you’ve most likely had responsibilities and gained knowledge as an HR professional that align with many of the items listed in the HRCI Bodies of Knowledge. Assuming that to be true, there are three ways that the Bodies of Knowledge can help you to develop and refine your resume. First, the hundreds of individual items in each Body of Knowledge articulate specific HR responsibilities and knowledge. These can prove to be immensely helpful as you try to capture your own accomplishments in clear and concise business terms. Second, reviewing the lists may jog your memory about projects or efforts you’ve forgotten to add to your resume. And third, by cross-checking your resume against the codified and categorized lists in the HRCI Bodies of Knowledge, you can easily identify where you have gaps, places where you need to better communicate, or need to build, additional experience to round out your background.


    Keep in mind, as you review and refine your resume, it’s important to envision a target position, the role you’d like have. Doing so can help you determine what areas of HRCI Bodies of Knowledge to focus on. For example, if you are targeting an HR leadership role, you might look for more strategic responsibilities and knowledge across several of the key areas to ensure that you’re showcasing the kind of broad experience that will be required for such a position. On the other hand, if you are targeting a Director of Benefits role, you might focus more intensely on the responsibilities and knowledge in Compensation and Benefits functional area to demonstrate a deeper level of expertise in this area.


    As I close out this article, I’ll leave you with three final thoughts:

    • While the HRCI Bodies of Knowledge are a great starting point, you should tailor your specific list of accomplishments to include relevant metrics and meaningful results wherever possible.
    • Everything I’ve mentioned above about using the HRCI Bodies of Knowledge to help you refine your resume, also applies to your LinkedIn profile and other “marketing tools” you might develop. 
    • Over the past 6 years, PHR, SPHR and GPHR certifications have become much more widely recognized, and the number of certifications has increased dramatically. Taking steps now to earn one of these or the new HRBP or HRMP designations can go a long way in terms of demonstrating your level of passion and professionalism for HR and boosting your resume.

    Get Certified. Get Noticed

    We are pleased to announce the MVHRA’s PHR/SPHR Certification Workshop Fall Scholarship. The Fall MVHRA Scholarship is awarded through a cooperative relationship between MVHRA and Wright State University’s Raj Soin College of Business Division of Community Programs. It includes full payment of the workshop plus all books and materials.


    Eligibility and To Apply:


    • You must be an active member of MVHRA (Miami Valley Human Resources Association)
    • You must meet the HRCI Exam Eligibility Requirements
    • You must prepare a short essay indicating your dedication to the HR profession and why you are dedicated to staying current in your field and send to Joyce Conrad, Certification Chair at:


    The Wright State University's PHR/SPHR Workshop is officially sanctioned by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and uses material approved by SHRM to prepare students to take the certification examination. 

    The course takes place for 8 Saturdays from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. starting on Sat. Sept. 14, Raj Soin College of Business, Rike Hall.

    Registration Ends On-line: End of day Saturday, September 7.


    The next PHR/SPHR Certification Workshops and MVHRA Scholarships will be offered in Spring, 2014 in conjunction with Sinclair Community College and Wright State University.


    The goal of the Miami Valley Human Resource Association (MVHRA) is to build and maintain at the highest level the best possible human relations in the industry and commerce.

    Call For Speakers - MVHRA

    We are pleased to extend this invitation to submit a presentation for consideration to MVHRA during the 2014 program year. If you would like to be considered for this exciting opportunity or suggest a speaker, you must submit your application or suggest a speaker by October 15, 2014.

    You may apply for an upcoming MVHRA event by using the following link:

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