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MVHRA Connections -April 2014


April 2014 Newsletter

Presidential Ponderings Volume 3, Edition 4

Are you planning for your career?

Kelly O’Connor, PHR, GBA President/Servant Leader

I come from a family of planners. Some of us are a little better at it than others; but planning ahead is definitely a necessity in our family. Luckily, I’ve been able to translate that into my day-to-day lifestyle.

Performance appraisals often force us to plan for our career to some extent. But how can we take it the next step and plan for our own professional development?

I’ve had several folks ask me how I manage to spend time with my two young children, work 40+ hours, volunteer and still make time to attend as many professional development opportunities as I do. It’s simple… I plan. Once I hear about a professional development opportunity, I put it on my calendar. Even if the odds of me attending are minimal; I still add it to my calendar. With all the opportunities included on my calendar, it encourages me to at least attend the majority of them.

However, as we all know, there are often emergency situations or urgent projects and deadlines. Sometimes they interfere with our scheduled professional development. It happens. I tackle this dilemma by prioritizing. A wise man in my family once told me that I, and only I, can be responsible for my education and push myself to learn more. We are responsible for our own education and career development. As a result, I prioritize professional development very high on my list of to dos.

Take some time for you and your career. Try scheduling time to reconnect with your peers, learn more about recent employee law developments or attend a panel of wellness experts to understand what wellness tactics are working for others. Whatever it is that you have an interest in, I encourage you to schedule the time on your calendar to learn more. No one else will put that time on your calendar… only you.

I hope you put some time on your calendar to attend some of the upcoming MVHRA events. We have an exciting schedule of workshops and luncheons coming up. To learn more, click on the “MVHRA Meetings” tab at the top of our website.



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Looking to Connect?

Are you looking to connect with key human resource representatives from several different industries and companies in the Dayton area? Are you interested in learning more about human resources and how it effects the success of an organization? Now is the time to pair up with MVHRA and become a sponsor for one of our monthly events!

Partnering with MVHRA can increase your company’s visibility with potential business partners, customers and other individuals who can help your business thrive! By sponsoring a MVHRA event you get brand exposure as well as networking opportunities with key company influencers!

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Together We Can Make A Difference

Oh, do we have suite deal for you!

You saw in the last edition of Connections a preview of a new and exciting undertaking within the chapter. Following is all the additional information we promised!

MVHRA has announced the kickoff of a fund raiser to benefit Clothes That Work {}, a Dayton-based non-profit organization that provides interview appropriate clothing and confidence building image services for clients.

Proceeds will be raised in the form of a raffle for chapter members and their co-workers. The winner of the raffle receives exclusive use of luxury suite 22 for the Dayton Dragons game held on Saturday evening, May 31 at Fifth/Third Field. Included in this package are twenty game tickets, two VIP parking passes, and a $220 Dragons catering service food voucher.

Raffle tickets will be available at the chapter luncheons on April 8 and May 13, and the wine social on April 17. If you are unable to attend either of these events, arrangements can be made for you to obtain tickets any other time convenient for you. Text or call Stan Adams at 937 475-3890 and he will respond right away to work out the details. The goal is to sell 210 tickets, equaling one for each chapter member. Checks should be made out to MVHRA, and please indicate CTW in the memo line.

Tickets are $20 each or $50 for three tickets. Clothes that Work will receive 100% of the proceeds; there are no administrative costs incurred by the chapter. The drawing will be held at the end of the chapter meeting on May 13. The winner will be notified within 24 hours after the drawing. If anyone is interested in assisting with selling tickets, sales kits with all the instructions are available from Stan.

This Dragons suite package was received in late February by the chapter through an anonymous donation. We appreciate your support of this very worthy cause. Together we can make a difference! The goal is to sell 220 tickets, equaling one for each chapter member.

Employment Corner!

~~Check out these exciting Human Resources job opportunities:

• Human Resources Generalist – Norcold, Inc.

To see full job descriptions and/or apply for these employment opportunities, please visit the MVHRA website and click Job Opportunities

Curl up with a Good HR Book

In 2013, HRCI partnered with the SHRMStore to provide a simple, straightforward, self-paced recertification option for busy HR professionals. The new HRCI/SHRMStore Recertification Credit Program allows PHRs, SPHRs and GPHRs to earn recertification credit by reading one or more approved books on a wide variety of HR topics and completing a brief web-based quiz for each book. Here’s how the program works:

1. Purchase any of the 50+ Approved for HRCI Credit books from the SHRMStore
2. Use the E-learning Promo Code found in the book to access a ten question quiz online
3. Read the book and pass the quiz to receive an Activity ID/Certificate of Completion
4. Submit the Activity ID/Certificate of Completion to HRCI during your next recertification
5. Receive recertification credit!

You can earn 2.5 recertification credits per book and up to twenty total credits through the HRCI/SHRMStore Recertification Credit Program during a 3-year certification cycle. Books in the program are approved for General, Business or Global credit. The type of credit approved is included in the description of each book on the SHRMStore website.

You can choose to purchase an approved book through alternate sources (Amazon, bookstore, etc.) or borrow them from your local library; however, you will need to purchase the E-learning Promo Code separately from the SHRMStore in order to take the quiz and earn credit. As of the writing of this article, most E-Learning Promo Codes are $20-$30 each. Under the guidelines of the program, you can read E-books as well. Just like books you purchase or borrow from other sources, you will also need to purchase the E-learning Promo Code separately from the SHRMStore.

One interesting note to add… I first learned about this new program at the Ohio State SHRM Conference last September when I purchased an approved book entitled, Aligning Human Resources and Business Strategy. Since that time, I’ve seen surprisingly little about the new program on the HRCI website. I did however find a good deal of information on the SHRMStore website. Below are some helpful links:

SHRMStore Home Page:
Frequently Asked Questions about the program:
Approved for HRCI Credit Books:
E-Learning Promo Codes:

Navigating The Course
Setting Sail To Excellence Wednesday, 4/30/14

The HR Collaborative is pleased to announce Navigating the Course: Setting Sail to Excellence scheduled for Wednesday, April 30, 2014. Click HERE for flyer or HERE to register.

Welcome New MVHRA Members!

Sarah Schena, Business Development Specialist, McGohan Brabender

Crystal Lockard, HR Manager, Orthopedic Associates of Southwest Ohio

David Lawrence,  Special Projects Administrator, City of Dayton

Marlene Adams, HR Coordinator, Menards

Michelle Belyeu, HR Supervisor, Advanced Composites, Inc.

Eric Simmons, Recruiter, Woolpert

Melissa Roderick,  Professional in Transition 

Yashica Gayle,  Professional in Transition

Loriane Wyatt, Student,  Edison State

The Power of Networking

Michelle Sullivan, MS

MVHRA luncheon meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month and the wine socials are the third Thursday of each month. These are both great opportunities to connect with fellow HR members. 
Many of us are guilty in forgetting to invite others to join us. However, Marla Adams extended an invite 
to Christopher Sackett.
Having just retired from the military Christopher was a "newbie" to civilian life. He was not even sure if 
Human Resources was the equivalent to the actual work he was performing in the military. 
The confusion and outlook were waning on Christopher's hope of finding stable employment. The 
luncheon Christopher attended Theresa Napier presented information for transitioning employees. 
Christopher made a point to speak with Theresa after the lunch. This connection was pivotal in 
Christopher's quest for employment. He was able to connect with a company because of the 
connections he made within MVHRA. Before he knew it, he was offered a position. 
Currently Christopher proudly works for DRT Holdings, Inc., doing much more than an internship. He 
is the Human Resources Department. He looks forward to new challenges every week. Some are a bit 
more of a struggle compared to others, just because of terminology being a bit different in civilian life 
versus military life. Now a member of MVHRA and SHRM, Christopher has many resources to assist with 
this transition. He even has ideas for helping other retired military professionals with transitioning to 
civilian life. 
Christopher's story is a reminder to us that the power of networking can really change ones career 
direction. I met Christopher at one of the luncheons, because I challenged myself to sit next to an 
unfamiliar face. The connection that Christopher and I made allowed us to collaborate and share his 
story with all of you. 
I challenge each of us to meet someone that is unfamiliar to us, not just professionally but personally. 
One never knows how this can impact us or the other person. The power of networking never ceases.
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