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August 2014 - MVHRA Connections


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August 2014

Presidential Ponderings Volume 3, Edition 8 


30-day Challenge

Kelly O’Connor, PHR, GBA President/Servant Leader 

I’m human. So I can have a tendency to procrastinate or find excuses to not do something. I’ve been whistling the “I’m too busy” tune for months now for things like cooking classes, yoga and redoing the landscaping on the side of the house. But, lately, I’ve caught myself doing the same thing when it comes to learning about something new in the HR field. That’s horrible. I love to learn and yet I’m making all kinds of excuses to not make the time to learn something new in the world of human resources. Please, tell me I’m not the only doing this? Wait… don’t tell me. I’d hate to think we are all making excuses and procrastinating in our own education. 

So, the buck stops here. I’ve been enjoying several 30-day challenges this summer. It’s only 30 days… and the challenge changes each day. For August, I’m proposing a 30-day learning challenge for all those HR professionals in our community. 

For the entire month of August, take a moment to learn something new in the world of HR. Yes, there are 31 days in August – so give yourself a break one day. But for 30 days take a moment to fuel your HR brain. Below are some ideas to help challenge yourself along the way.

* Find an employment law update article… and read it

* Call an HR colleague/mentor/peer and take a few minutes to ask them: “what is the most innovative thing you’ve seen in the HR industry this year?”

* Find an HR blog that fuels the HR geek in you

* Attend an HR workshop or luncheon.  

* Learn about what the top five wellness trends are for 2014 and see if you can find a way to incorporate in your daily life (nutritional challenges, walking programs, routine physicals, etc.) 

* Log in to LinkedIn and find an HR group to follow. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, this would be the day to set one up.

* Ask your broker, third-party administrator, ERISA lawyer, etc.: “what do you think will be the primary focus in the HR industry in 2015?” Recruiting top talent? Retaining current talent? Focusing on wellness initiatives? Learning how to incorporate the social media world into your business? 

* Attend a retirement savings webinar – they are everywhere. The world of retirement savings is ever changing. It’s good to hear what others are doing to help educate the workforce. * Go out to and read the information on the new HR certifications. There is something new on there all the time. 

* Look at job opportunities in your field of HR. You don’t have to apply. But learn about what’s out there and the skills they are looking for.

* Briefly search who the top 100 companies are in the state of Ohio. Keep them in mind as you take on challenges. Clearly those companies are doing something right and maybe we can learn from them.

* Look on SHRM or Amazon for the top trending HR books. Pick one that peaks your interest and make it a goal to read it before the end of the year. 

* Register for the Ohio SHRM State Conference. If you can’t attend, take a moment to look at the agenda. If a topic interests you, you may find out that a MVHRA member plans to attend that session and can let you know what they learned. 

Enjoy the challenge. If you miss a day, that’s ok. Just pick it back up the next day. Imagine all the things we could all learn within 30 days!  

Learn more by clicking HERE

SHRM Foundation

The SHRM Foundation provides comprehensive, research-based answers to your HR challenges through its support of research grants, scholarships, educational programs and practitioner resources.
The SHRM Foundation invests in the future and supports lifelong learning through its scholarship and awards programs. It supports researchers who bring us greater understanding of the complexities of HR, and creates materials to help practitioners understand and apply the new knowledge that research provides. (

Click HERE for more information.

Welcome these new members to MVHRA!







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Total active MVHRA membership is 245
202 Professionals
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Employment Corner

Check out these exciting Human Resources job opportunities:

  • Human Resources Generalist – Woolpert
  • Human Resources Coordinator – Menards
  • Assistant to the City Manager, HR Coordinator – The City of Clayton
  • Director of Human Resources – Evenflo Company Inc.
  • HR Manager – Cox Media Group

To see full job descriptions and/or apply for these employment opportunities, please visit the MVHRA website and click Job Opportunities 


HRCI Recertification 


HRCI Certifications, by the Numbers

The US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the current number of HR professionals in the U.S. to be around 500,000. This number includes executives, managers, business partners and generalists along with specialists in compensation, benefits, training and development, labor relations and other areas. As an SPHR and the Chair of the Certification Committee for MVHRA, I naturally wondered how many of the half million HR professionals in the US are actually certified by HRCI?

As it turns out, more than 124,000 HR professionals in the US, roughly 25%, currently maintain one or more HRCI credentials. And, the global number is even larger - over 135,000. After learning this, I dug a bit deeper into the “numbers behind the numbers” and found the following breakdowns.  


Total number of certifications by type

Breakdown of certificants by level/title

PHR certified professionals: 76,633

SPHR certified professionals: 54,373

GPHR certified professionals: 3,093


8%   VP and Above

21%  Director

33%  Manager

38%  Specialist Roles

 Looking at things closer to home, I also discovered that we have just over 9,500 HR professionals with one or more HRCI credentials in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.  

  • Total number of certifications in Ohio: 5,279
  • Total number of certifications in Indiana: 2,708
  • Total number of certifications in Kentucky: 1,588

Bottom line: The number of HRCI credentialed HR professionals is big, and moreover, it’s growing. When I first checked these stats back in the Spring, there were ~2,000 fewer certifications.

I’m not sure what impacts the new SHRM certifications will have, if any, on these numbers overall, but I guess we’ll soon see.  On that note, I don’t have anything new to report on the new SHRM certifications this month… but stay tuned!

Useful Links

Bureau of Labor Statistics Human Resources Specialists and Labor Relations Specialists page:

HRCI Who is Certified? page:

by Brandon Bernzott, Right Management

College Relations Corner


 Calling all MVHRA members. The Job Shadow Program is ready!

Last month we spoke about the four Sustaining Programs that are the cornerstone of our college relations focus: The Networking Program, The Job Shadow Program, The Job Preparedness Program and the Internship and Special Projects Program. This month we will highlight our Job Shadow Program.

The goal is simple - match MVHRA members with students so they will have a meaningful experience. Human Resources professionals from various organizations will volunteer to host a student at their company for a day or half-day as the company wants. What a great way to give students an understanding of how HR professionals spend their days and an opportunity to expand their network. And companies get a first-hand look at potential talent for their organizations. 

To kick off this program, we are having a small pilot this summer working with our student SHRM Chapters in the August/ September timeframe. Participation in this pilot is as simple as letting us know you’re interested and what days are best for you. We’ll tailor the pilot event to work for you. 

Our big job shadow event will then be in February 2015 around Ground Hog Day. If you’re interested contact Betsy Brown, College Relations Chair, at (937)429-9225 or for more details.


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