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November 2014 - MVHRA Connections


MVHRA Connections Newsletter

November 2014 Edition

Presidential Ponderings Volume 3, Edition 11

Reflection & Gratitude

Kelly O’Connor, PHR, GBA
President/Servant Leader


Fall is a great time for reflection and gratitude. As I reflect on all the hard work MVHRA volunteers have put in for 2014, I realize that we could do a better job of keeping you aware of all the hustle and bustle that goes on with our committees throughout the year.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what our committees have been up to this year:

  1. All of the 2014 programs were solidified early and submitted to HRCI for recertification
  2. A subcommittee has been established to focus on our programming
  3. Chapter membership has increased
  4. Implemented new networking activities at our programs (such as the football team tables, the birth month tables, etc.)
  5. Sponsorship of our events has increased
  6. College Relations has implemented a student sponsorship program where local employers can sponsor a student to attend one of our luncheon programs, as well as launched its first pilot job shadowing program
  7. Raised awareness about SHRM Foundation and continue to hold exciting fundraisers for donations to SHRM Foundation – have you seen our recent cork pull? We’ll have another one in November and December!
  8. Reinstated our scholarship program for those seeking an HR certification
  9. Attended meetings with SHRM about their new certifications and continuously providing updates on the new SHRM certifications to MVHRA members
  10. Assisted Veterans with their job search through our newly improved workshops and increased participation at the workshops
  11. And so much more!

And now for the gratitude part…

We couldn’t have done any of that without the dedication and hard work of our volunteers. Whether it’s a committee member, committee chair or an elected position, everyone has worked together to advance our profession and serve our community. Personally, I am honored to work with such a phenomenal group of folks that love HR so much that they volunteer their time to serve our HR community. I continue to be in awe of the work produced by this group of colleagues, mentors and friends.


College Relations Corner 

Save the Date

The Job Shadowing sub-committee of the College Relations Committee completed a pilot run of a Job Shadowing experience for college students earlier this fall. Now it’s time to roll out the program to all MVHRA members and provide them with an opportunity to share life in the real world of human resources with our local SHRM student chapters. The timeline for this program is as follows:

December, 2014:  Emails sent to MVHRA members to recruit corporate participants. Emails sent to the Wright State University and Edison Community College SHRM Student Chapters to recruit student participants.

January, 2015:  Companies/MVHRA members and students matched by Job Shadowing committee; match communicated to MVHRA member who initiates communication with student.

Mid-late January, 2015:  Sponsor/student agree upon scheduled date and time for job shadowing.

Weeks of February 1 and February 8:  Job Shadowing events occur.


Mark your calendars now for these dates. Look for details to come, and be sure to respond to the upcoming December email!

MVHRA Elections!

Election season isn’t quite over yet!  It is time to cast your ballot for the 2015 Elected Officers. 

Remember, voting is only open to MVHRA members and you may only vote once.  The voting deadline is to November 21, 2014.  As a MVHRA member, you will be receiving an email to cast your vote!

The new Board of Directors for MVHRA will be announced at the December meeting and in the December newsletter.

MVHRA BOARD OF DIRECTORS - 2015 Review of the Candidates!  You can review individual bios HERE.  

President: Kelly O'Connor

President Elect: LaTonia McCane

Vice President: Jim Vose

Treasurer: Jenny Stowe

Secretary: Mary Sacksteder

Membership Director: Stan Adams

Please keep in mind we are always looking for ways you can become actively involved including joining a committee!  Specifically, the following committees are looking to add more people:  (Certification, Membership, Newsletter, Job Opportunities, SHRM Foundation, Marketing, Governmental Affairs, Technology, Certification, and Diversity)

If you are interested in getting involved with one of the above listed committees or looking for other ways to engage and offer your time and talents, we welcome you to reach out to our current Membership Director, Stan Adams at


Learn more by clicking HERE

Employment Corner

Check out these exciting Human Resources job opportunities:

·         HR Manager (PT) – Shiver Security Systems, Inc. dba Sonitrol of SW OH

·         HR Assistant – Wright State Physicians

·         Benefits Analyst – CareSource

To see full job descriptions and/or apply for these employment opportunities, please visit the MVHRA website and click Job Opportunities

Annual Cork Pull Fundraiser for the SHRM Foundation

The SHRM Foundation is a catalyst for thought leadership. They offer unmatched workforce knowledge for progressive leaders, with a total focus on studying and reporting management practices that work.

The SHRM Foundation committee is hosting the Annual Cork Pull Fundraiser at each luncheon in November and December.  A gift set of several corked bottles (wine and olive oil) will be raffled off at the luncheons.  Each cork will be sold to $5, or you can buy 5 corks for $20.  Remember to bring your business cards to wrap the corks, and cash or check to participate.     

Welcome New MVHRA Members












 HR Manager

 Grunder Landscaping Co.



Director of HR

 Campioni’s Pizzeria







 HR and Recruiting Manager

 Real Art








 Central Michigan




Dunlevey, Mahan & Fury



HR Representative

Tyler Technologies



HR Generalist

Quality Associates, Inc.







HR Assistant    

 Crown Packaging Corporation

SMILE Your Way to Success


by Lisa Ryan of Grategy


If employees are the lifeblood of your business, how do you insure that your top talent doesn’t become someone else’s best employees? 

Start with a S.M.I.L.E.

Let’s consider this five step process for employee engagement, recognition, and retention using the S.M.I.L.E. process.

1. S = START right now. Oftentimes we hear a good idea and then wait until a more convenient time to start.  There is no time like the present, and the more you delay, the less likely you are to take action. As Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich” said, “Do not wait: the time will never be 'just right'. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”  Today, commit to one way you can create stronger relationships with your team members.


2. M = Help them find MEANING in their work.   Do your employees feel that they have a job, a career or a calling?  A job is something people go to only to get the paycheck.  A career takes it a little deeper, these people are most likely satisfied with what they do for a living. People who label their work as a calling have significantly higher life- and job-satisfaction scores than those who viewed their work as either a career or as a job. They love what they do and they share their enthusiasm with others.  Those with a calling would choose to do exactly what they are doing, even if they didn’t receive a paycheck.  Help your staff find the significance of what they do and how their efforts impact the overall mission of the company.  Better yet, share with them how what they do impacts the world.


3. I = IDENTIFY creative ways to connect.  Email is quick, easy and efficient; however it doesn’t given the personal touch that is being lost in business today.  Use a variety of additional methods including: in-person visits, post-it notes, letters, notes, small gifts, phone calls, candy, and/or faxes to stay in touch with your team.  Mix it up. Make it a goal to make your employees smile often and you will be rewarded. Remember - the more unique and different your contact, the bigger the payoff in increased commitment and engagement on the job.


4. L = LOOK for additional ways you can be of service. If you notice that a team member is struggling under their workload, pitch in and help.  Create an environment where people support each other where needed. Pay attention to what’s going on in the lives of your employees (without being intrusive).  If they are going through a challenging time at home, look for ways to offer them flexibility in their schedule while still getting the work done.  Ask them for their ideas and find out about their dreams and goals for their career within your organization.  Create a safe environment for feedback and input. Offer opportunities for professional development through continuing education or training programs.


5. E = Express gratitude. Let your employees know that you appreciate them and their contributions at work.  What gets recognized gets repeated, so make sure that you are specific in your praise.  Instead of just saying, “Great job,” let me know exactly they did that was great.  Verbal recognition costs nothing in terms of time or money. Written appreciation gives your team members tangible proof of how much you appreciate what they do.  When you let your staff know that they matter, you will matter to them.

In business as in life, a SMILE goes a long way.

As Founder of Grategy, Lisa Ryan works with organizations to create stronger employee and customer engagement, retention and satisfaction.  Her proven gratitude strategies (Grategies) lead to increased productivity, passion and profits. She is the author of six books, and co-stars in two documentaries: the award-winning: “The Keeper of the Keys,” and “The Gratitude Experiment.”   To learn more, visit

The Container Store: Be Brave Enough to Pay Great People Well


Managing someone’s compensation and career is something we take very seriously.

Employee compensation is a very important part of the whole picture; so is culture, and being surrounded by great people, and everything else we do to make The Container Store a place where people look forward to getting up in the morning and coming to work, rather than dreading it.

What a responsibility it is to manage someone else’s compensation and career!

Making Compensation a Priority
How employees perform has so much to do with how we manage them and communicate with them, being mindful of our wake, and our impact on the life of each wonderful, devoted, hardworking person.

We don’t ever want to think that compensation is not important. Spouses and children depend upon it, and people who are great at what they do deserve to be paid well. We’re not advocates of paying mediocre people well, but we’re huge advocates of paying great people well.

Sometimes there are aberrations, and a situation is inherited where the top contributor is the third in compensation. This may take a while to correct -- it might even take two to four years to fully correct -- but we have to be patient. It can’t be fixed in one performance review, probably not even in one year.

The problem is that if we try to fix it all at once, we’ll end up with a situation like what we see in Major League Baseball’s free agent compensation. Currently in baseball, as soon as one person makes X, everyone who thinks he’s comparable believes he should also make X. That’s not the way to do it.

In the case of a store employee, the general manager, store manager, regional director, area director, and VP of stores are all involved and can collaborate and help to make sure that compensation and contribution are equated. We make certain all of these people understand our payroll philosophy and work hard to ensure that every area of our business is making decisions the same way.

The Confidence to Pay Great People Well
A company has to be extremely self-confident and knowledgeable to pay great people well. It takes more bravery to pay great people well than just about anything else.

Again, the proof is in the bottom line. We have superb productivity and terrific numbers, and as I said before, our payroll as a percentage of sales is very healthy.

This is so rare. The leaders of the organization -- probably including someone in my position -- have to be brave enough to pay great people well.

The 1=3 Equation
Our approach to payroll is easy to justify because we’re convinced that our 1 Great Person = 3 Good People approach really works. Our employee wins, because she’s making far more than anyone else in another company is likely to pay her for that position.

The Container Store wins, because it gets three times the productivity at only 50 to 100 percent more cost. And the customers win because they have this superb salesperson who actually cares about working in the store.

I think the reason most managers are afraid to pay people well is that they just don’t believe in 1=3. But we really do believe in it.

The Magic of Meritocracy
People say, “Oh, it’s culture that matters.” No, it’s not just the company culture. It’s pay that matters, too. That’s part of the culture.

We’ve had some of the best companies in America ask us about our compensation strategy; about how we divide up that pie and how we go through this painstaking process. We really work hard on it. I think most Conscious Capitalist business leaders do. It’s what makes their companies unique. It boils down to the fact that we really work it to death.

Even after more than three decades as a businessperson, I am still astonished by how magical this process is. I use the word “magical” deliberately because I realize this approach contradicts the usual, super-rational way of doing business, the number-crunching mind-set that blindly tries to cut costs everywhere and assumes business is really about spreadsheets, not about people or the vast, complex energies of life sustaining itself.

The coolest part is when you’re doing a performance review and give an employee a much bigger raise than she was expecting. She starts crying, you start crying, and the magic spreads across the company, and out into the world.

 Compliments of Monster.  Excerpted from the book UNCONTAINABLE by Kip Tindell with Paul Keegan and Casey Shilling.  © 2014 by Rufus Tindell LLC.  Reprinted by permission of Grand Central Publishing.  All rights reserved. 

Author Bio:
Kip Tindell
 is currently chairman and CEO of The Container Store and has been at the helm of the company since the first store opened in Dallas in 1978. In 2006, along with his wife, Sharon Tindell, (chief merchandising officer), and Garrett Boon (chairman emeritus), he was inducted into the Retailing Hall of Fame, and in 2010 he received the National Retail Federation’s 2010 Gold Medal Award, the most coveted award in retail.

Tindell is actively involved in the community, dedicating time and resources to the Salesmanship Club of Dallas. Tindell serves on the board of Whole Foods Market (WFMI) and as vice chairman of the National Retail Federation. He is passionately involved in Conscious Capitalism, Inc., a community of like-minded business, thought, and academic leaders working to elevate humanity through a conscious approach to business. 

********MVHRA Mixers for November and December have been cancelled.  Please stay tuned for December's Newsletter to find out when and where they will be in 2015!


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