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March 2015 - MVHRA Connections


MVHRA Connections Newsletter 

March 2015

Presidential Ponderings Volume 4, Edition 3

 Stop and Smell the Flowers


Kelly O’Connor, PHR, GBA

President/Servant Leader

Did you know the average work week has increased from 40 hours, to an average of 47 hours? We check email 30 times an hour, and our phones 150 times a day. A recent study found that U.S. workers forfeited $52.4 billion in time-off benefits in 2013 and took less vacation time than in the past four decades!

We have retrained ourselves to do more, with less.  In the meantime, we aren’t taking time for ourselves personally, or professionally. Most HR professionals, that I have the pleasure of meeting, talk about not attending networking or professional development workshops because they simply don’t have the time.

Do we not have the time, or are we not making the time? I recall attending a workshop once
where the presenter mentioned that by doing more with less and immediately meeting everyone’s needs/expectations, we have trained everyone to expect that type of performance every day. She talked about reevaluating and resetting expectations. The importance of taking time for ourselves and our career… it fuels us, and can actually impact our job performance in a great way.

So as spring hopefully approaches soon, take a moment for yourself and smell the flowers. Whether it’s time to read a book, a vacation or time to reconnect with other HR professionals or attend a workshop. The important piece of the formula is making the time. If we don’t make the time, everyone else’s expectations will fill the time up.

I hope to see you all out taking a break and smelling the flowers! 

College Relations Corner – Wanted: Volunteers for the SHRM Student Conference


This year, the regional SHRM Case Competition and Career Summit in going to be held April 24th and 25th, in the Cincinnati area. The SHRM Case Competition is an event that provides a realistic preview for students. They get to learn of the types of problems that they may eventually encounter in the workplace. The case scenarios reviewed during the competition can focus on any number of HR issues and requires strategic thinking, ethical decision-making, and strong leadership and presentation skills. This is a wonderful opportunity and broadly attended by students across the SHRM region.

Many volunteers are needed to make this event a success, and that’s where you come in! Opportunities include: Judges who will virtually review the written content (judges attend a training to learn about scoring and analyzing the cases), Judges for the final presentation on Saturday, Onsite Volunteers for Friday and Saturday, and Mentors for the students.

Specific job descriptions are available. More about the SHRM Case Competition Summit is available at: Questions? Contact Betsy Brown, College Relations Committee Chair at 937.429.9225. 

Employment Corner!!


 Check out these exciting Human Resources job opportunities:

·         Recruitment Specialist – Polaris RC

·         Human Resources Generalist – Hobart Service

·         Human Resources Manager – Hobart Service

·         Human Resources Manager – A.M. Leonard

·         HR Internship – ISupply Company

·         HR Client Manager – UTC Aerospace Systems

·         HR Administrative Assistant – DRT Holdings, Inc.

·         HR Recruitment Administrator – Greater Dayton RTA

To see full job descriptions and/or apply for these employment opportunities, please visit the MVHRA website and click Job Opportunities

Stop Sabotaging Your Company - Maximize your use of tribal knowledge


Click here for link to article.


Welcome New MVHRA Members!


Kevin Lowden, Business Developer, MB Senior Solutions
Pamela Cummings, HR Manager, Bitec
Brooke Stucker, Student, Wright State
Sultan Alhagbani, Student, Wright State
Marie Hughes, Director of Operations, Academy of Health Services
D'Andre Gaymon, Student, Wright State
Matt Reddy, Principal, Mercer, Inc.
Nikki Panagouleas, Recruiting Manager, BTAS
Nancy Rademacher, HR Specialist, Hardy Diagnostics

2015 MVHRA Annual Survey


The MVHRA Annual Survey will be open from 03.12.15 – 03.23.15 and we hope you will take a few minutes to complete. 

Your opinion is extremely valuable to us!!

The information collected from the survey will be reviewed as part of our ongoing improvement efforts.  One of our goals at MVHRA is to meet the needs of your membership by providing you with topics that will enhance your professional development, and we’d like to know what those are for you. 

Overall, we hope that by collecting your responses to a few questions, we can better gauge what our members are looking for with MVHRA. 

Your feedback will remain anonymous if you choose however, as an incentive to complete the surveyyour name will be entered into a drawing for a free 2015 luncheon meeting of your choice if you self-identify! 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact LaTonia McCane, MVHRA President Elect at 937-225-9963 or


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