Vision, Mission, Strategy

Our Vision (Where We Want To Be):

MVHRA will be recognized as the region's leading resource to advance the value of the HR profession as a strategic business partner.

Our Mission (Why We Exist):

MVHRA provides resources and professional development in HR best practices to our members and regional business.

MVHRA Strategic Plan 2020 - 2022:

Objective #1 - Member Engagement

  1. Create a more engaging environment at MHVRA luncheons
  2. Facilitate more opportunities for members to connect in meaningful and value-added ways—HR Roundtables and HR Tribes
  3. Improve MVHRA’s social media presence to showcase the association, provide materials to members, and create a stronger online community
  4. Engage students by creating way to better connect with area universities.

Responsible Committees: Member Engagement, Marketing, Technology, and College Relations

Objective #2 - Increase Membership by 5%

  1. Create and deliver a formalized onboarding experience for new members and new board members
  2. Assign mentors
  3. Attract young and “young to HR” professionals
  4. Develop and define additional member and board member benefits
  5. Celebrate member accomplishments
  6. Improve data collection and reporting on the MVHRA website

Responsible Committees: Membership, Networking/Community Relations, and Marketing

Objective #3 - Expand Learning and Networking Opportunities for Members

  1. Share thought leadership articles in the newsletter and luncheon programs
  2. Identify new methods of delivering CEU’s such as webinars and state chapter events
  3. Partner with community groups and non-profits to provide members with an opportunity to participate in community service activities
  4. Reintroduction of a social, outside of work, events for HR Professionals to network

Responsible Committees: Certification, Networking/Community Relations, Diversity and Inclusion, Newsletter, and Workforce Readiness

Click HERE for the MVHRA bylaws. Bylaws were updated 11/2015; voted and approved in 8/2016.

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