Board of Directors

Committee Members

Leigh Williams

Membership - Assistant Chair

Steve Black

Membership Engagement

William Siffel

Program Chair

Leigh Oldham

Certification Committee Chair

Dave Castel

College Relations Committee Chair

Kim Schenck

Assistant Chair - Programs

Kimberly Lukaszewski

College Relations Committee - Assistant Chair

Coretta Tengesdahl

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair

Benjamin Watson

Governmental Affairs Committee Chair

Jamie Coble

Job Opportunities - Resumes Committee Chair

Melissa Pietrantonio

Job Opportunities - Resume Comm. - Ass't Chair

Laurel Sharp

Networking - Community Relations Committee Chair

Terry Wilson

MVHRA - SHRM Foundation Committee Chair

Tom Weissbrod

Past Presidents Committee Chair

Cecilia Vocke

SHAPE Committee Chair

Joel Nordstrom

Technology Chair

Deanna Nesbit

Workforce Readiness