Vision, Mission, Strategy

Our Vision (Where We Want To Be):

To promote HR as “the catalyst” for better workplaces.

Our Mission (Why We Exist):

Connect, Support, and Educate HR Professionals

MVHRA Strategic Plan 2023 - 2025:

Objective #1 - Brand MVHRA as the regions’ primary source to connect, support and education HR professionals in the Miami Valley

  1. Identify the Branding ChannelsCreate a more engaging environment at MHVRA luncheons
  2. - Social media, email, web refresh, social networking, and quarterly newsletter
    - Increase Student & HR Professional Memberships, resources, partnerships
  3. Enhance New Offerings / Channels
  4. Evaluate Enhancement Results

Responsible Committees: Programming, Marketing, Engagement, Technology

Objective #2 - Membership Awareness

  1. Increase membership by 5% annually
  2. Increase renewal rate of membership by 5%
  3. Launch SHRM DMR initiative to become a 100% Chapter

Responsible Committees: Membership, Past Presidents, Engagement, Marketing

Objective #3- Board Succession Planning

  1. Implement Board Onboarding & Expectations.
  2. Identify and prepare candidates for executive board and committee leadership positions that become vacant.
  3. Revise and maintain the current written succession plan.

Responsible Committees: Membership, Networking/Community Relations, and Marketing