About MVHRA – Key Themes

The mission of the Miami Valley Human Resources Association is to Connect, Support, & Educate HR Professionals.  Our vision is to promote HR as “the catalyst” for better workplaces. 

We are proud to be an affiliate chapter of SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management.  Through SHRM, our chapter has been awarded the Pinnacle Award, a Platinum Excel Award, and Honorable Mention for the Workplace Impact Award.

Community Responsibility

Through the tools and resources offered to members, MVHRA promotes HR excellence and competence, professional collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to our existing and future HR leaders. By providing value in our professional and personal communities, MVHRA members demonstrate the values of the HR profession. Whether it is the community of HR professionals within which we work daily, the communities within which our businesses exist and thrive, or the many communities within the Greater Dayton Area, our mission drives us to look outward to seek understanding of needs and contribute knowledge, physical strength, time, and resources to all of these stakeholders.

Professional Development

The HR experience offered by MVHRA is more than simply a couple of monthly events; rather, it is a journey that provides ongoing opportunity for personal and professional development. Each interaction with fellow members or professional peers is a stepping stone toward enhancing and enriching your HR experience and professional maturity. MVHRA provides you with access to the latest HR news and information, as well as to a network of HR talent at all levels with whom you can learn from and with. Through the combination of Community Responsibility, Education, Networking and Student Development, MVHRA offers the HR professional numerous invaluable development opportunities. As a member, you have the chance to experience them all. You can get involved with the chapter at an informal level by simply being a member and attending events for ongoing education and interaction with fellow HR professionals, or serve on a committee and/or the board. You will more than get what you give.


An essential component of MVHRA, education creates the foundation upon which we build. This includes the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and the development of critical HR intelligence. MVHRA offers a toolkit of learning opportunities ranging from certification preparation and maintenance, and continuing education to stay current in compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements, to conferences and informal sessions to stay up to date on new HR-related technology and best practices. These are collaborative, interactive, and informative options to assist you in maintaining and improving your HR knowledge.

Student Development

Through support of our student chapters, MVHRA helps to guide and develop student leaders in HR who will transition with us to become future members and leaders of our Association, along with the organizations they ultimately support. As an important component of MVHRA, we foster partnerships with learning institutions – supporting student functions, scholarships, and internships as we promote awareness of our Association. Our goals are to provide a climate that encourages the HR students’ endeavors to learn and to grow in the field of HR, and to build long-term relationships as we develop the next generation of HR professionals.


MVHRA promotes events where exchanges of business information, ideas, and support are established; and mutually beneficial relationships are built. Come together with fellow HR professionals in a number of venues to solve day-to-day HR problems; establish and grow professional relationships; and benchmark HR products, services, processes and structures. Using the MVHRA member network is like having an expanded HR department right in your own office. These networking opportunities expand beyond the monthly chapter meetings as we engage with HR-focused special interest groups and local professionals that span many industries and specialties.

Early History

The Miami Valley Personnel Association (MVPA) was founded in 1918 by a group of then “personnel” professionals as a means to provide professional support and learning opportunities to the local personnel community. Since that time the chapter has undergone several transformations and has long been recognized as the voice of human resources in the Greater Dayton Area. In the early ‘90s, MVPA changed its name to Miami Valley Human Resources Association (MVHRA) to align more closely with the SHRM brand.